Organisational Structure

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Organisational structure should primarily be modelled using the org ontology, with types from the AIISO as appropriate.


Your main institution should be of type org:FormalOrganization and aiiso:Institution.


Sub-units should have org:subOrganizationOf and org:hasSubOrganization relationships with their containing unit.

Collegiate universities

If your institution is collegiate, then each college should be of type org:FormalOrganization and aiiso:College.

(TODO: Determine how to associate a college with a university to which it is affiliated.)


<rdf:RDF …>
  <aiiso:Institution rdf:about="#university-of-example">
    <rdf:type rdf:resource=""/>
    <rdfs:label>University of Example</rdfs:label>

      <aiiso:Division rdf:about="#humanities-division">
        <rdfs:label>Humanities Division</rdfs:label>
        <org:subOrganizationOf rdf:resource="#university-of-example"/>