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  • Namespace prefix validation
    • Warn if prefix is a way not consistent with prefix.cc (wrong prefix for namespace; wrong namespace for prefix)
  • SPARQL endpoint validation
    • Run various queries to check support for SPARQL features
    • Check POST support
    • Try content negotiation and enumerate formats
  • Discovery
    • Try to find descriptions and endpoints from some HTTP URL
    • Check for dereference-ability
    • Encourage 303 See Other or hash-URIs
    • Check for content negotation and enumerate formats
  • Predicate validation
    • Check for predicates not defined in namespace
    • Highlight potential misspellings (using edit distance)
    • Look for instances of resources with defined-disjoint types
    • Look for weird combinations of types (?)
    • Flag things missing rdfs:labels (and foaf:names if something is a foaf:Foo)
    • Define and check minimal metadata for types

-- could also nick ideas from http://graphite.ecs.soton.ac.uk/examples/nscount.php