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This is an initial brainstorm of what will become a skos:ConceptScheme.

All of these themes should have a *single* organisation associated. This may be a formal organization or part thereof.

The namespace for this is:

  • members - members of the organization
  • places - places of the organzation
  • points-of-service - points of sale/service of the organization
  • publications - publications of the organization
    • research-output - research output
      • do we want research-data and research-papers separately?
    • learning-objects - educational materials
  • projects - projects of the organization
  • press - press information about the organization
  • teaching - courses offered by the organization
  • events - events related to the organization
  • news - news about the organization
  • notices - notices about the organization (notices seem similar to news, but there's sometimes a use in distinguishing these.
  • structure - structure of the organization
  • data-cat - data catalogue of the organization (abbreviated to save spelling confusion)
  • opportunities - jobs/vacancies/opportunities at the organization, including internships and volunteer work
  • facilities - equipment & facilities & capabiliities of the organization
  • collection - a collection of the organization
    • library - library collection (ie. the list of books)
  • energy-use - energy use of the organization

other ideas

  • travel information for the organization (eg. nearby transport nodes)
  • travel timetables - if the organization offers a transport service, eg. bus company
  • products & services of the organization